Monday, 24 January 2011

Tiny Planets

As part of work for one of my modules this semester we've been asked to design and animate our own tiny planet, it can be anything: rocky, gaseous, marshmallow....just so long as it's about you. The only thing we've been told we need is a character to represent ourselves and a dwelling. So here's some concept art to start off.


More of the character design, I'm going with the working name of Ferret but really it isn't supposed to be any particular animal.

A quick sketch of the character for the Tiny Planet, I've done several pages of sketches in a sketch pad that I may scan in later. For now a possible final design.

An aerial view from space of my 'planet'.

First off a quick design for my dwelling, a rondavel. The final product will probably be more stylised but this is just to kick things off.

Some more sketches for possible designs. I'm leaning towards the squat, wide, sort of shape but the ones on stilts are fairly interesting. 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Testing the Waters

Tis my first post here on my blog so just pottering about and you may notice some changes as I figure things out, please bear with me folks :)

I intend on using this blog to post sketches, studies, work in progress shots and concept art for both my animation work and my own personal illustrations, hopefully it'll keep me motivated to produce more work and it just may be interesting for someone.

To start off here's two portrait studies I did last week, both used references from photos plus a WIP from a painting currently code-named Dude Looks Like a Lady.