Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I've had a couple days off client work this week so here's a character design for my portfolio. I decided to have a go a slightly more victorian / old naval uniform (with a pinch of steampunk awesomeness thrown in) rather than my usual medieval.

Which is fitting for this guy - Marinus, captain of the great sea ship Oceanus. He happens to come from a place where they use magic and science in equal measure, so he could either shoot you with a missile or maybe make a whirlpool beneath your ship. He hasn't decided which yet. Either way it will be...efficient.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hup! - Two, three, four!

Happy Sunday everybody! Hope everyone's had a nice lazy morning :) Here's today's art update. 

With less than two days to go I want to remind you all, if you haven't already, to go take a look at Formula E over on Kickstarter 

It's a really great racing game with a rather hefty difference - instead of card or horses or even camels you race elephants! If ever there's an excuse to put on Colonel Hathi's March and break out the Amarula this is it.

(Yes I know Amarula is a favourite drink of African elephants not Indian ;), but trust me, the heftylumps won't mind.) 

Of course being the artist I may be a wee bit biased, so don't take my word on it. Go have a look at the vids on Kickstarter for yourself. 

Just for the occasion here's the cover I did for the box to get you all in the racing mood.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Iolo Nouveau

Don't want you guys to think I've forgotten you. Here's another art update for you. This one is an illustration I did to experiment with a flatter more art nouveau style.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Good Morning V

Wouldn't want to let you guys think I forgot today's art dump. So here's another for you.

Actually I've been a bit naughty here. I realised I have a bad habit of doodling heads whenever I get bored, which doesn't exactly teach me much. So I've decided next time the urge to head-doodle arises I shall resist and try something more constructive. I can't promise I won't slip though!

I spent yesterday listening to Bobby Chiu's 'The Perfect Bait' over at Schoolism - which was a really great listen by the way, go check it out here - and it gave me a much needed kick in the art pants. So lets see how this new verve goes!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Good Morning IV

I don't want to deny you guys today's art update so here's a more realistic Solomon from my final film Gums for you.

This was an experiment in adding the noise noise and aberrations you'd normally find in photos to make the image look more interesting and gritty. Overall I'm pleased with how he turned out.

Formula E

Good morning all! For those of you who've been wondering what I've been up to (and for those who haven't ;) ) I can finally show you one of the projects. 


Let me introduce you all to Formula E, an elephant racing game that has been a pleasure to work on and I know will be just as much fun to play. 

Please everyone go check the Kickster page to see the art, videos from the designers themselves and, of course, much more. 


Monday, 7 January 2013

Good Morning III

Happy Monday Everyone ;)

Here's today's doodle; a quick 20 min portrait of a new character.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Good Morning II

Hi all :) Here's today's art dump.

Today it's something  a little less family friendly; a portrait of my version of Belial, a Prince of Hell from John Milton's Paradise Lost.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Good Morning I

Good morning folks!

Let's see if I can keep this up.

In an effort not to look dead I've decided to post some art I've done recently, I seem to have fallen out of the habit of publishing stuff - possibly because with work if I do before I'm allowed I'll be in big trouble...and we wouldn't want that.

So here's some personal stuff. Starting off with...

A girl and her dragon. I think I'll add him to the long list of animals I want in my back garden.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Advanced Lighting - Lessons VIII & IX

I hope you all had a great Holiday Season! Here's a bit of an after Christmas art dump for you guys.

First of all here's Lesson VIII & IX of Advanced Lighting -  Water and Light and Human Experience

I didn't have much time on either of these two and I'm not overly pleased with my work on Lesson 8, though the theory I learnt for painting water will be invaluable. I'm pretty happy Lesson 9 however, time spent on that one about 4 hours.

That's it for Advanced Lighting \o/

I just have to say it's been a fantastic course and I've learnt a the trick is to keep it all in my head ;)