Sunday, 30 June 2013

Costume Design 1

So I've finally decided to actually start a long term personal project in-between work ones. I have a feeling my ambition is slightly higher than my skill but it'll be a fun learning curve nonetheless, plus I've wanted to do something more serious with Iolo and his world for a while now. 

To start me off here are some costume designs for a young Iolo. I'm undecided just which look to go with yet but so far my favourites are A and C. I may do some more variations on them before settling and working on colour.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Saxon Stories Faces

What's this? Another update? Yup!

I've spent the last hour or so with a nice mug of tea, curtains closed, listening to Chris Oatley's interview with Brett '2D' Bean (which was a great listen by the way), and sketching Beocca. Hoorah for cosy, rainy, summer evenings ;)

Tomorrow it's back to work but hopefully at least a few of his companion's will be joining him in the future. (Once again I can't recommend the series he's from, Bernard Cornwell's the Saxon Stories, enough. Go check them out!)

Sketch-dumps and Padded Cells

So now for something...a bit creepy. 

I've had the past couple days off from work-work this week so I thought I'd do a personal piece. Originally intended to be just a quick portrait, this turned into a larger pic of a character of mine, actually my first OC, so he deserved a bit of attention. 

As a break from what I've been doing it was a load of fun to do but I am aware he is a little strange ;) 

And because I'm still quite fond of the head shot as it was here's a close up :)

Also recently I put together a sketch dump of doodles and works-in-progress that I'll share with you guys.