Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sketch Dump

Over the past couple of days I've been doing some rather rough sketches to start myself thinking of my final project for third year. I'm quite keen on using angels but haven't yet nailed down a story. Before I did that I figured it'd be a good idea to study real life things that I want to try an include in the final design of the angel.

To start off I did a couple of of portraits with references from photos I have on my laptop just to try out different facial types.

I've decided I'd like the angel to do a lot of emoting through body language and use as little speech as possible, so after an afternoon I studied a favorite Mr. Bean sketch of mine to see how he used body language.

Because I want him to do a lot of acting through his hands and feet I figured it'd be prudent to sketch them too, references again were used - my own hands and feet, which is why there's only a right hand and no left - I can't draw with my right :P

Now, what are angels without wings, naturally the obvious thing to look at are birds, so here's a couple of birds for you. The first page is references from images again on my laptop and the later are real life geese in the park.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Decided to do a quick speedpaint to get my creative juices going, done from reference.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Little Changes

After going in and animating earlier this week I came to the realization that while I love taller, more realistically proportioned characters when designing I just loath trying to animate them, and I'd rather not spend the year cursing a light box every time I see one.

So I gave in and decided while I still intend on using Tafti and the 'Feathers' idea for one of my modules I'm going to use him, and the cartoon version of my character Iolo (here written as Yolo to help people pronounce his name right) in a simplified style. Because by gum I enjoy drawing them, they may not be uber impressive but they make me happy to pick up a pencil.

Next up I need to clean up Tafti as well as think of a way to make Alaya, who is Iolo's grandkid, into a cartoon to work with him when he's been shrunk down to pretty much her 'realistic' proportions.

Here's the Yolo redesign, some of you may recognize him from a series of short animation tests I did earlier this year.

Now the rough Tafti redesign. 

Monday, 8 August 2011


Decided to make a set of 'stamps' for some characters from the rp I've been playing for a few years There are a fare few so will only be doing a selection from one storyline in particular.

Illesy, a minister to Elmes

Another minor character, this time its a southern minister who settles in the north.

Toby, he didn't influence the world a great deal but he did live through a natural disaster, an invasion and the reign of two kings before being killed by a demon, so he's seen a fair bit in his time.

Jerry, who so far has led a rather unlucky life.

Here's Elmes for you, the antagonist, in case you couldn't tell :) Not a really bad guy, just a man the other characters couldn't agree with. Yes, he is plotting, an invasion in fact.

First off is Cydric, a regular of mine that I haven't had the pleasure of drawing in a while.


Random wild fisher guy says hi.

Sun Arise

Another pic of Iolo, this time with a slightly wider view of his home as the southerner's themselves see it, a place of beaches, warmth and calm....unlike the northern view which is just a giant, dusty, litterbox.

The title is what it is 'cause I've been listening to Rolf Harris a lot recently and that song particularly seemed to fit with my mood while working.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Today Alaya demanded to be drawn, so I complied.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Grow Up

Just messing about aging Iolo, not much else to be said really.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hello, Goodbye

A quick pic to celebrate having finished a project. Two southerners greeting in their typical fashion.