Saturday, 19 February 2011




And a third.

Here's the second. A view of a couple of light-boxes in the animation room.

Here's the first background for another third year who wanted a different style to the jungle ones I'm doing for 'Cub', it doesn't look it but it took a stupidly long time to do. 

In the Jungle

Here's the first of many backgrounds for one of the third years I'm helping out. I went back in and added the meadow I missed in the first pass.

UPDATE: All done! Yaay!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Under the Sea

Here's a concept image for an animation that Lauren Dorling, Matt Garbutt, Elodie Markwell and I will be working on for the next two or so months. It's going to be animated to music and a mixture of 2-D drawn and cut-out. This particular piece was just a colour test.

Friday, 11 February 2011

My Peeps


Here's a part of a much bigger pic I'm planning of several members of the ruling southern family. I'm planning on keeping the rendering fairly simple, just flats and some very basic details.

Another southern fella invented to keep me from going mad while painting coral. His name is Inicho and he's an ancestor of the others below, hence the slight difference in costume design as fashions change over time there just like everywhere else. Though the love of bright colours stuck around.

Did some doodles this evening of some of the fantasy characters I like to mull over when bored, in particular a culture dubbed the 'Southerners',  I also found a couple I did over Christmas. I'll be scanning all of these in and colouring at some point because part of what's important to the Southern culture is colour (and because I really like how the first doodle turned out :P).

Here's Marrel, a real sweetie pie, also adopted grandfather of Alaya.

Diego, son of Jalie and Iolo and current king of the South. He's a bit humorless but is usually a good natured fellow and a stoic king.

Jalie, mother of Diego and former Queen, she became near legendary in the South not even a generation after her death.

Alaya, the granddaughter of a regular character of mine, Iolo, dunno much about her yet.

Next on my to-do list after real work is Iolo. Will have to find time for him. 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tiny Planet Backgrounds

I've started to paint the backgrounds for my Tiny Planet project even though I haven't started animating yet. Having other projects on the go that'll also need time and attention I decided it was best to start ASAP.

These won't be done be in the order they appear in the animatic because I won't be animating that way so I'll put them up as and when I finish them.

Late Night Doodlings


 A quick 15 minute speedpaint before bed. It was one of those ideas that just pops into your head before sleep and you gotta get it down before you forget it in the morning. 

A southern funeral, saying goodbye to the loved one at dawn. Those aren't lanterns but spells, the southerners tend to be far more magical than their northern cousins. Magic is something they're born with but have only a certain amount and when it's gone typically it's gone for good, only those who live to a great age ever manage to recoup what they've lost, so to send a spell with the soul of whoever's died is their way of sending a bit of themselves along with them.

Had one of those pre-bed ideas you just feel you need to put onto 'paper' as it were. So here's a quick (10 mins) thumbnail of a pic I may like to flesh out more at some point if my slightly more awake brain likes it. I'm posting it here so it doesn't disappear into the abyss of never to be finished files I seem to have generated.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Story Time


Here's the finished animatic, turned out to be longer than I thought it would be but I can cycle about seven seconds of animation so that should speed things up. Tutor has suggested some changes that may make it into the animation if I have time.

I'm moving on with the Tiny Planet module and am hoping to start animating in the middle of the next week, that's if I can get the storyboard finished and okayed by then.

Over twelve hours and 112 panels later here's the finished storyboard, huzzah \o/