Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Late Night Doodlings


 A quick 15 minute speedpaint before bed. It was one of those ideas that just pops into your head before sleep and you gotta get it down before you forget it in the morning. 

A southern funeral, saying goodbye to the loved one at dawn. Those aren't lanterns but spells, the southerners tend to be far more magical than their northern cousins. Magic is something they're born with but have only a certain amount and when it's gone typically it's gone for good, only those who live to a great age ever manage to recoup what they've lost, so to send a spell with the soul of whoever's died is their way of sending a bit of themselves along with them.

Had one of those pre-bed ideas you just feel you need to put onto 'paper' as it were. So here's a quick (10 mins) thumbnail of a pic I may like to flesh out more at some point if my slightly more awake brain likes it. I'm posting it here so it doesn't disappear into the abyss of never to be finished files I seem to have generated.


  1. your title is deceiving, this is a late night doodle, you used a the plural "doodling's"

    But any who, i really like it :) is it a guy facing a sand storm??
    Love Charli :)

  2. I may add other doodles to this post if I do them to keep the page neat, Charles, :P this is but the first one. And yup it's a guy facing a sandstorm.