Monday, 23 May 2011

Okapi....or not.

Wanted to doodle something 'southerny' today so decided to tackle their mounts, while they do have camels and horses (small horses) there I also wanted to give them something more exotic. Being quite a fan of okapi I chose to do a variant on one of them, unlike their real life inspiration these creatures are far smaller, being more the size of ponies, they also have smaller ears, and more camel-like feet to spread their weight in the sand, their fur is mostly short excluding the long tail brush they have to swat away flies and keep themselves cool. The wild ones are mostly sandy-dun colored but like domesticated horses their tamed cousins have been bred into all manner of patterns and variations.

Not invented a name for them yet, so for now lets stick with not-exactly-an-okapi. 

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