Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Long Time No Post

(UPDATE) I've added the sketches I promised, needn't have worried about waking people up, but that's another passive aggressive statement altogether)

I've not posted in a while, well....for nearly a week, so figured it was a time for an update.

I decided to spend today trying to finally nail down the (current) character for my final film, and while I have several more pages of sketches to upload I don't really want to wake people up with my monstrously loud scanner so will update with those tomorrow.

I've had really trouble settling down with a character design for this guy because while I knew I wanted an angel I hadn't decided on a personality and for me knowing the personality is really how I tend to think of a character and looks seem to come after. After finding a name for him, Tafti, the personality followed and then his face. I know his colours are very close to the original angel I've posted but knowing how I'd like to have the sky and clouds in backgrounds I decided they really were the best to stand out against them. (I may do some studies of these tomorrow to give you guys an idea of what I mean)

So here's the first proper pic of Tafti, more to come...hopefully ;)

Now following is a secondary RP character that I doodled in about 30 mins in-between struggling with the angel design, at this point it just wasn't working so I figured drawing someone I already had a pretty good idea about would help me unwind. (Yup, it's another southerner, this time a doctor called Tohlo) 

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