Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Gums Update

Here's an update on my final film for this semester. It's an update of my animatic, now with a mix of pencil line tests, coloured but backgroundless Animate Pro renders and two finished shots.

You'll notice that the coloured shots all have liens that are either dark purple for Solomon and the Count and dark red for Sid unlike the initial pngs I posted earlier this month. This change is mainly due to the amount of time it takes to fully colour the lineart but it is equally an aesethic choice. I found that in the case of the two vampires the dark purple actually worked better than the original palette. Time wise it was taking me between 5-7 minutes per frame to colour prior to changing to the single colour plan and now I've cut that down to 3-5 minutes. This may only be two minutes but when you're optionally dealing with 1080 frames this starts to make quite the welcome difference.

Enough of my ramblings. Enjoy :)

As you can see I've done a bit more colouring so here are some more pings for you to see featuring the new lines.

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