Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The (not so) New World

After spending the past four days colouring frames for Gums I decided to have a break and do a little world building.  This is Thea the world that most of my ocs come from. The guys you'll have seen the most so far are the southerners. (The name for themselves is the Solaai)

It wasn't until tonight that fellow creator Kovah and I came up with the name of the world and the landmasses, even though they've existed in the story for quite a while but once we had names one thing led to another and here we go.

The naming here is actually mostly what the southerners have called everything as most of the action occurs on Ellisto and they're the main explorers and book keepers so they get to pick ;). The Titoans probably use very similar names considering the southern ancestors first sailed from Tito to colonise the southernmost parts of Ellisto. No one knows what names the Ganyeans use because no-one's really had the chance to have a chat with them.

Enough of my rambling...frame colouring gives me waaay to much time to think about these things. Enjoy,

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