Thursday, 31 May 2012

My May

I haven't posted much this month so here's an update to partly explain why.This is gonna be more text than pics so bear with me guys!

First of all some really cool news - this month I was published in ImagineFX's Fxpose! They published Evil Wizard, Fledgling and Fire Below and there was much grinning from me I can tell you. I really want to thank the guys at the magazine for helping to make my month!

The other highlight of the month was a visit to FMX. I went for a week at the beginning of this month and here's the proof ;)


It was a rather hectic week, not to mention boiling, but it was good fun and somewhat reassuring talking to people in the industry. Here's my weekly plan I made up before I flew that pretty much was the law for that week:

For me the highlights where the ToonBoom workshops where fellow Staffs students Emma, Matt and I got to see the nifty new features of Harmony 9. Our eyes were out of our heads for pretty much both of the seasons. It was great and got me wanting to do more work. (Which was handy considering I had only two weeks to finish Gums when I got back) 

I also got to show my updated work to Disney again at their recruitment booth. I'd met Dawn Rivera-Ernster last year and was pleasantly surprised to find out she remembered me, it was also pretty cool that I got to show her my new work over the last year. I also spoke with Andy Harkness and got his advice on my portfolio which I can now use to go and update some existing pics and make whole new ones. I find that being critical of your own work is sometimes hard, especially when portfolio building, so hearing the thoughts from Andy was certainly helpful (I ended up having to scurry away so I could write the pointers down in a notebook before I forgot them.) 

Other than that FMX was filled with interesting talks from the likes of Pixar showing their latest short La Luna to seeing the special effects of Game of Thrones (possibly my favourite TV show this year). I really hope to go again sometime soon and would recommend it to anyone.

Emma also did an FMX highlights post which has stuff I've missed out or forgotten so go have a read here :)

Keep an eye out for my next post - Gums is finished! 

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