Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Blind Man Catches a Bird.....Again

Hi guys, a while back I posted a pic and a link to an African folk tale, for those who forgot here's the link again. Been doing more work on the project since and have come up with an updated character design for the blind man and his companion as well as a rough storyboard - because I find it easier to show how I think the film would be rather than write up a script for animation.

I like that the story is simple and rather short and subtle rather than filled with action, the moral at the end especially makes me smile. So for those vaguely interested, and those not at all, here's what I've got thus far, at some point I'd like to go in and do some character expressions for the blind man but haven't got that far yet.

Any thoughts welcome as well as title suggestions :P 'A Blind Man Catches a Bird' is a bit of a mouthful I admit.

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