Thursday, 23 June 2011


And so starts what is probably gonna take a far while to finish. I've decided to have a go at giving myself a challenge-a-day type affair and as I love history and have a really handy book on the matter I've decided to do a King-or-Queen a Day. Not only because they're mostly fun to read about but also it'll hopefully give me a catalogue of different characters to think about.

To start off here's Cerdic, not the first king ever but the founder of Wessex, the kingdom that would one day be the last of the Saxon kingdoms and eventually give rise to the kings of all England, not just one petty kingdom. There aren't many descriptions of him and I resisted the temptation to make him look all cunning and evil the way I've often read historical-fiction to portray him. The dates are his reign, he landed in Britain earlier, sometime around 490A.D but the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle only dates him as starting his reign as King from 519, he died in 534 and was succeeded by his son Cynric. 

Next up my favorite King from British history - Alfred the Great X]

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