Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sketch Dump

Over the past couple of days I've been doing some rather rough sketches to start myself thinking of my final project for third year. I'm quite keen on using angels but haven't yet nailed down a story. Before I did that I figured it'd be a good idea to study real life things that I want to try an include in the final design of the angel.

To start off I did a couple of of portraits with references from photos I have on my laptop just to try out different facial types.

I've decided I'd like the angel to do a lot of emoting through body language and use as little speech as possible, so after an afternoon I studied a favorite Mr. Bean sketch of mine to see how he used body language.

Because I want him to do a lot of acting through his hands and feet I figured it'd be prudent to sketch them too, references again were used - my own hands and feet, which is why there's only a right hand and no left - I can't draw with my right :P

Now, what are angels without wings, naturally the obvious thing to look at are birds, so here's a couple of birds for you. The first page is references from images again on my laptop and the later are real life geese in the park.

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