Monday, 8 August 2011


Decided to make a set of 'stamps' for some characters from the rp I've been playing for a few years There are a fare few so will only be doing a selection from one storyline in particular.

Illesy, a minister to Elmes

Another minor character, this time its a southern minister who settles in the north.

Toby, he didn't influence the world a great deal but he did live through a natural disaster, an invasion and the reign of two kings before being killed by a demon, so he's seen a fair bit in his time.

Jerry, who so far has led a rather unlucky life.

Here's Elmes for you, the antagonist, in case you couldn't tell :) Not a really bad guy, just a man the other characters couldn't agree with. Yes, he is plotting, an invasion in fact.

First off is Cydric, a regular of mine that I haven't had the pleasure of drawing in a while.

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