Saturday, 13 August 2011

Little Changes

After going in and animating earlier this week I came to the realization that while I love taller, more realistically proportioned characters when designing I just loath trying to animate them, and I'd rather not spend the year cursing a light box every time I see one.

So I gave in and decided while I still intend on using Tafti and the 'Feathers' idea for one of my modules I'm going to use him, and the cartoon version of my character Iolo (here written as Yolo to help people pronounce his name right) in a simplified style. Because by gum I enjoy drawing them, they may not be uber impressive but they make me happy to pick up a pencil.

Next up I need to clean up Tafti as well as think of a way to make Alaya, who is Iolo's grandkid, into a cartoon to work with him when he's been shrunk down to pretty much her 'realistic' proportions.

Here's the Yolo redesign, some of you may recognize him from a series of short animation tests I did earlier this year.

Now the rough Tafti redesign. 

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